Site of Derek Galon, MA, FRPS, FOPS, hon.FSAPI
– multi awarded photographer / videographer  with decades of experience, a ShutterStock/Getty contributor – now residing in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean.
Recent awards: Derek’s list of current international awards is now too long to be shown on front page. Dozens of medals and awards are listed on About Me page. Check it out to know more.
Recent jobs:  photography for Montserrat Tourism Authority, 3 video TV ads for Montserrat Tourism Authority, official portraits of Montserrat’s Premier, photos for Secret Bay Dominica, drone videos for Secret Bay Dominica, photography for MACO magazine, photography for Experience Dominica magazine, TV ad about 911 emergency systems, photos for hotel The Champs – Dominica, promo photography for a hotel in Venice – Italy.  Fort Young Hotel in Dominica, TV ad for S-mart supermarket in Dominica, photos for Miss Dominica 2017, Barbados Tourism Inc., NatGeo, drone video footage for BBC, YellowPages, promo photos for Belfast Rum Distillery, photos and video for GEMS Holdings Inc., photos/video for Brandy Manor Horse Riding Center, Dominica Intl Airport, the State House for Elite Events, 473 Luxury Villa Resort Grenada, Shoreline International (USA)

RELOCATED in 2014 from Canada TO DOMINICA, Eastern Caribbean, West Indies! Now Serving the Caribbean Islands (and rest of the world).
Call me – but only if you want to love your photographs.

Want to see some videos?
A short video documenting Dominica’s nature recovery after Hurricane Maria
A simple video showing a fine Dominica tropical garden

A video created for luxury villa resort in Grenada

As I am also a Caribbean and Dominica wedding Photographer, see my wedding photography/video site here.

My main services:
Architecture, interior, landscape photography / video
Garden, nature, panorama, VR 360 photography / video
Aerial photography / video using pro drones
Artistic portraits / studio photography
(including glamour, boudoir,  fine nude)
Wedding, family events photography / video
Fashion photography, food photography, time-lapse video
Conceptual and art photography / video, documentary, performance and music videos
Corporate and creative advertising photography / video
Advanced photo editing. Filming, creative script writing, directing and post-production of short movies – full 4K broadcast production capacity.
Top quality X-large format printing on fine art papers, billboards, and for wall display (airports, trade shows, etc.),
design and publishing (books, brochures, posters, etc.)  + websites and SEO
if you don’t see what you need, contact me – these are just my main services…

Welcome to my International Photography Services and Portfolio site. Please look around, see my photography galleries and enjoy your visit. I consider myself a cross-breed between commercial photographer and an art photographer, offering pro photography and video with an artistic edge. I am actively involved in photography for over 40 years (yes, I started early – I was ten. The first cash I’ve ever earned was a photo job when I was thirteen, and my first award and  exhibition came at the age of fifteen). I am passionate about art portraits, conceptual art, and nature photography. I also specialize in photography of architecture and interiors, landscape, and gardens – working on many spectacular locations on various Caribbean islands, Central America, Canada, and in Europe. That work resulted in coffee table books published by our award-winning team through our company Ozone Zone Books, and in numerous assignment jobs for various prestigious clients. My photographs can be often seen in fine magazines and other publications (see examples in “editorial works” gallery). I offer wide array of flexible photography services, including remote location work, photo panoramas for high impact displays, fine art photography, and VR tours (including 360 VR videos) for Web sites.

I also do aerial photography and videos using special drone equipment. This is close range Aerial Cinematography for Television, Movies, Commercials, Music Videos, Corporate Events, Personal Events, Music Festivals, Sporting and more.

I love black and white photography, and often work in black & white when creating fine art photographic images. I also have stock of exceptionally high quality photographs, including Caribbean and Dominica themes. My works won many dozens of international medals, awards and sold to numerous clients around the world. Caribbean photographers are many, but the choice is only yours.

  You can find more about me on About page. Also there, you will find  link to Ozone Zone Books – a full publishing service including design, writing and printing books, booklets, calendars, post cards, and advertising/promotional materials. Thanks to the fully customizable services of my company Ozone Zone, this is much more than just another photo service. We believe that without  true artistic touch and perfection, a good photo and publishing work is incomplete. Only top quality workmanship combined with a marked artistic approach can produce truly memorable and appealing creation, something one would want to return to over and over again.      

What we offer at Ozone Zone is much more than your typical offer from a print shop or a local photographer. It includes an extra dimension, something that’s perhaps most difficult to find around. It’s an offer made by seasoned artists and professionals working closely together, offer designed specially for the discerning connoisseurs who appreciate nuances of beauty and execution, and look for top quality work. That’s what makes us different from the rest.

I am obsessed with quality and self-improvement – and it shows in my work. Better photography, video and better quality services. I am obsessed with Better. This perhaps is why I am often hired for international location jobs. I simply deliver Better work – for these who appreciate and need the best. You will see a striking quality right away.

There are several Dominica wedding photographers.  I do photograph weddings too, and  I also travel to other places. Please compare my work and decide.

Let me know if I can assist you and create fine photos or photo panoramas for your project, advertising, property, portfolio, or if you need a whole package including design or commercial printing. I used to live on Vancouver Island – in Victoria, BC, Canada – but I  RELOCATED to Dominica, West Indies (Eastern Caribbean). I travel to international locations,  so you can hire my services even if you are far away. If you want to LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS – call me! Thank you!
– Derek Galon, MA, FRPS, FOPS


Disclaimer:  Some images on this site may contain artistic nudity. If you are offended by fine art nude images or you are not of legal age, you must leave this site immediately. By proceeding through pages of this site you agree that you are of legal age, art nude photography does not offend you, and you will not hold owners and authors of this site responsible for any damages or other issues related to this or other subjects. This is art photography service offering black and white, noir photography, glamour photography, nude fine art, landscape, architecture , interior photography, wedding photography, drone photography and video, and many other styles. It is an art gallery style of site, I offer photography services, art prints and location work. Nude fine art is just a small portion of my portfolio, and even if art work can be sometimes controversial – by entering you agree to respect this statement. Thank you.

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