Aerial Photo-Video

Hatley Castle, Victoria, Canada.

Hatley Castle, Victoria, Canada – aerial photo at a close distance.

I enjoy exploring new techniques, and one of them is Close-Range Aerial Photography and Video. Imagine showing your event, residence  or attraction,  through a bird’s eye! With a camera flying over and showing it all from a never seen before angle!  The traditional aerial photography or video not only costs a fortune (making it out of range for almost every person), but is limited in a way of distance.

A large helicopter can’t get really close to objects on the ground. Using new technology, I can film or photograph from high in the sky, or from a close distance, almost touching tops of trees – or even fly between them! That results in a totally new, very “immersive” experience.
If a picture is worth a thousand words – this is simply priceless! This adds a very high impact to any web site, video presentation or printed photos.

Don’t take my word for it. Please have a look at these  short clips, and think what this can do to your promotion or marketing!

click this – it opens in a new window:   Short Aerial Video Demo (mp4)

And below you can see beautiful Abkhazi Gardens in Victoria, BC, Canada – also from aerial view.

And another example – this one from Dominica, Eastern Caribbean.
It is a mixed footage from hand-held camera and from a drone camera.

And, another one from Dominica – Secret Bay eco-resort.

And one more from Dominica – Snorkeling trip by boat, and sailing at sunset.
This one has clips from a drone, and also from hand-held camera.

So, how do you like it? Keep in mind these clips may be shown in  low resolution, depending on your internet connection. I am capable of taking hi-res photos and aerial videos in full HD, and even in the new 4K – ultra  hi-res format.
If you think aerial video or photography can enhance your project, simply get in touch! I love what I do and will be happy to discuss your project with you. Cheers!