These are some examples of my food, drink, and product photography – including some conceptual images for advertising.

Food and products are a separate genre of photography and advertising video. It all has to look natural, and yet at its best, requiring knowledge, skills, good lighting and composition setup. This is where attention to detail makes or breaks it. People assume it is simple, yet it is truly unforgiving kind of photography with no room for even smallest errors.

I do this kind of work for many years and helped 5-star resorts and restaurants (including world’s top international chains), wholesalers, and manufacturers (among others) to promote their brands and products. Fine chefs were happy with my food photography, and so on.

Lets create video advertising featuring finely displayed food, drinks, or your products. Be it food photography for menus, media advertising, product video promotions, or anything else. As I travel around the region, I am ready to assist whenever you will require fine product or food photography, advertising concept, or a similar production – in Dominica or other islands. Contact me to discuss your needs. Thank you!

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