I offer a wide array of photography, video, and other related services, both locally (I am a Dominica photographer), in the Caribbean, and internationally. 

My services as a PHOTOGRAPHER:
Architecture photography, landscape, interiors, gardens, creative portraits, studio art, wedding photography, glamour, creative advertising, drone aerial phototography, executive, advertising, panoramas, 360 VR photo tours, performances and events, fashion photography, food and product photography, and more. I can also restore your old photographs.

I am a Dominica photographer, but I can travel to your location. Also available:  large stock image selection mostly from Dominica, the Caribbean, Canada, and more.

Personal one-to-one (1:1) photography lessons. Visit Dominica and spend quality time honing your skills in nature, improving your landscape or portrait photography at your leisure.
Or book a session on Skype/WhatsAp on-line (see Workshops page)

My photo equipment includes studio strobes and light modifiers, programmable slider for time lapse, drones, Nikon flashes, panorama head,  etc. and several cameras with lenses, including Hasselblad L1D, full frame Nikon D850 and Z6.

My VIDEO services: short promotional videos for hotels, restaurants, tourism organizations, TV ads, real estate, wedding videos, documentary, music videos, events, nature. Drone and 360 VR videos, time lapse. Filming, sound recording, scripting, and full post-production of short movies (see this example). I do have a selection of Caribbean and Dominica nature video clips available for licensing — be it directly (wider selection), or through Nature Picture Library (just some of it).

My video equipment allows me to deliver up to 12-bit uncompressed video in 4K for full broadcast/cinematographic quality MOV (ProRes RAW),  h.265, h.264 MP4 and other formats. Equipment includes programmable slider, drones, Atomos Ninja recorder, Ronin-S, LED lighting, etc. as well as several tripods, FX full frame and DX cameras and lenses, wireless sound recording, Hasselblad L1D, and more. Powerful editing equipment allows me to deliver my footage edited as per your needs.

My services to video film producers and TV broadcasters:
I also offer freelance services as a cameraman,  assistant, and also a fixer for crews working in the Caribbean. Knowing how a crew works helps me assist with finding locations, organizing customized setups, and finding other professionals to help you. Rigging forest canopy for nature filming, setting tracks to difficult locations, transporting kits, finding or making props  – it all can be done using specialized professional partners I do have around here. Being an European professional makes it natural for me to respect tight schedules and partners’ time. I do have experience as a fixer working for one of top nature film producers and can be “your guy” in the Caribbean, saving you lots of headache and time.

My Drone Mapping services available in Dominica and the Caribbean – crafted for surveyors, inspectors, engineers, construction managers, agriculture professionals, disaster and rescue planning, and more. See this page on my other site for details.

My Aerial photography and video using pro drones:  Bird’s eye view images and close-range fly-over videos greatly enhance my overall offer, being a perfect addition to  real estate photography, tourism,  nature, and most other works.  I love filming butter-smooth footage flying in tight forest spaces. Speed up, this can also make great extra footage for nature action scenes.
(See this example)


My other services:  quality publishing and design  (books, promo brochures, flyers, ads, etc.). Old photo restoration.


I am a highly skilled professional with university arts education and over 40 years of experience.
You can hire me for architecture/interior/real estate photography of the finest quality (including aerial photography and video). This is a photo service for realtors, real estate agencies, estate owners,  hotels, and others.

I also offer landscape/garden photography, advertising photography (including conceptual work,  food photography, people photography – such as chefs, doctors, or other professionals at work),  a documentary style – and work with hired models for advertising,  fashion/beauty photography). I am often hired as a freelance photographer to shoot for magazines and other publications. Check my vast portfolio and  references on About Me page. My wife is an art historian and award-winning non-fiction writer, and working as a team we also deliver articles on Caribbean subject to life-style magazines.

My studio photography service  includes fine artistic portraits, fantasy images, and glamour + boudoir photography.

I am also available for wedding photography with artistic touch, engagement photography, and elopement photographymy wedding photography and video services being offered both locally in Dominica and the Caribbean, and international locations (please see my separate Wedding Photography site here).

On top of the above – I am happy to offer personal artistic nude and glamour  photography services to a very select clientèle.
I mean, to people who prefer fresh ideas and an artistic-eye approach over worn stereotype set-ups of the average run-of the-mill studios, and clichéd routine – a sure killer of any artistic aspirations.

About Glamour and Art Nude photography:
Most of my glamour clientèle are women, so the text below is chiefly addressed to ladies, but naturally I do also take photographs of men, or couples.
When I offer you my services, my goal first and foremost is of course to ensure that you take away pictures that you’re completely thrilled with; but also, to make the whole experience from start to finish one of comfortable confidence and refined elegance. My service and photography are personal – your session is totally unique, fully designed around you.

Whatever your desired style is:  fine art photography, study portraits, glamour, pin-up, romantic couple, boudoir, nude art, risque, or others.
For whatever purpose you want them: as your personal treasure to keep for years, a portfolio for modelling work, an exquisite, romantic gift – you name it.
Your pictures will:  – Accentuate your natural beauty, – Bring out the Inner You, – Give the perfect gift to your partner, husband (or wife), your bride-groom on your wedding night,  – Spark or re-ignite your romance, – Rediscover your beauty as a woman – especially if you’re a mum, – Be your personal fine art piece to enjoy and cherish. Your experience will give you a welcome confidence boost. Quality boudoir, glamour photos can have a real life changing effect with new-found confidence.

Your experience goes beyond your time in front of my camera.    It starts from your initial contact, followed with an optional FREE internet consultation to plan your session. You can do your own make-up, or we can use assistance of a professional (for an extra fee). You can be as tame or bold as you like. Whether you go nude or not, your photograph and the full session will be done professionally and in absolute good taste, styled to suit you from soft and sensuous to hot and steamy. Your self-confidence will grow after previewing your images in camera and you will love being a model – you’ll surprise yourself how easy and enjoyable it is.   You’ll be expertly lit, and a wide range of images will be taken creating and capturing different moods.   Photos will be taken from varying camera viewing points and distances for a comprehensive collection. Posing guidance will ensure you’ll look amazing! This service is available locally or as a location shooting trip.

Simply contact me with your request, and I will be happy to assist without breaking your budget. Visit Dominica and include a photo session to remember and cherish. Thank you!

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