Artistic, quality drone photos can:

  • Capture unique and breathtaking perspectives that would be impossible to get from the ground.
  • Showcase the beauty and scale of a landscape or property in a way that traditional photography cannot.
  • Be used to create stunning marketing materials for businesses and organizations.
  • Tell a story about a place or event in a visually engaging way.

Well-taken drone photos can also be a work of art in their own right. They can be used to express your creativity and individuality, and to see the world in a new and different way.

  • A real estate agent can use drone photos to give potential buyers a bird’s-eye view of a property.
  • A hotel or resort can use drone photos to showcase their amenities and surroundings.
  • A construction company can use drone photos to track progress on a project.
  • A wedding photographer can use drone photos to capture unique and memorable moments of the day.
  • A filmmaker can use drone photos to create stunning aerial footage for their film.

No matter what the purpose, artistic, quality drone photos can add value and visual appeal to any project.

For quite a few years now I do work with drones (since 2012) , offering Close-Range Aerial Photography and Video. Imagine showing your event, residence or attraction through a bird’s eye! Also drone mapping service (orthomosaic maps, 3D models)

Secret Bay Eco-resort, Dominica. Aerial drone photos show best this place’s unique location. 2017.









A drone revolution took over the skies,  allowing for a very close-range flying and low cost. Therefore drones take aerial imaging by storm. We see, however, a popular misunderstanding about drone photography and video. Actually, it is similar to misunderstanding of pro photography in general. The flood of consumer drones creates a mirage of drone photography being so easy. It must be easy, yes? Easy to take snapshots and selfies, yes – like with cell phone photography. But is a pro-quality work easy?

Well – please check the page “Why My Services” if you want my opinion. Same as with regular photography or video – serious experience (not just flying drones, but also advanced knowledge of photography, composition, lighting, editing, and so on) makes all the difference between a fine image and a snapshot – drone or no drone. 

Yes, it is a drone photo. Just a bit higher than you could photograph from ground, it shows the Syndicate Falls in Dominica from a very favourable angle. Manual settings of camera allowed for a more artistic feel of this image. Hope you like this one!

Using newest technologies and pro drones I film or photograph from high in the sky or from a close distance, almost touching tops of trees – or even fly between them! That results in a totally new, very “immersive” experience. Dominica is not easy for flying – mountainous terrain and dense forest are sometimes tough – but results can be spectacular.


Have a look at this 1 minute sample of my drone flying throughout tropical forest.
If a picture is worth a thousand words – drone footage is simply priceless! It adds a very high impact to any web site, video presentation, a movie or printed photos.

Don’t take my word for it. Please have a look at these  short clips, and think what this can do to your promotion or marketing!

Please see this recent (2018) short video from Dominica, Eastern Caribbean. It incorporates several drone sequences – both close range and high in the sky. It also shows my flying through a dense forest which is a bit of my specialty I enjoy. A butter smooth drone flying between trees. This short video also shows my time lapse and other footage.



This short promotional flick for a new resort in Grenada has plenty of drone footage.


And below you can see beautiful Trafalgar Falls in Dominica.


And one more (older) from Dominica – Snorkeling trip by boat, and sailing at sunset.
This one has clips from a drone, and also from hand-held camera (2015).

 Keep in mind these clips may be shown in  low resolution, depending on your internet connection. I am currently capable of taking hi-res photos and aerial videos in 4K.
If you think aerial video or photography can enhance your project, simply get in touch! I love what I do and will be happy to discuss your project with you.  I offer drone photography and video in Dominica and other Caribbean islands. Cheers!



Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski, Dominica. 2021

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