I keep photographing Dominica, Eastern Caribbean and have a huge Dominica – related image stock library.

See here some of my works from Dominica, West Indies. A mix of images for clients, Dominica landscape and nature, hotels, models, and so on. Also some drone photography – close range aerial imaging.
I do have many, many more Caribbean images available as stock images for licensing, and I can also shoot a required Caribbean-themed image or film it for you.
My stock has been used by such companies as YellowPages, and I also have stock video library, specializing in Dominica nature related clips.
Contact me if interested or if  looking for a particular image. 

I also offer Caribbean photography workshops, classes, and other related  services. Available here in Dominica, West indies, French Antilles (Lesser Antilles also called Windward Islands) – and abroad.
Thank you!

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