By entering this page you confirm that you are over 18 y.o.  and nude images do not offend you. Otherwise, please navigate out of this area immediately. Thank you!
All models are over 18 and agreed to have their images used here. Your images will never be used without your consent.

Here you can find several styles – fine art nudes – often as black and white photographs, study nude portraits,
glamour, boudoir, and various others – not fully nude (all are examples of my service and my art work).

Many of fine art nudes from this portfolio are available as art prints for sale.


While I do artistic nudes for my portfolio, exhibitions and competitions – I am happy to offer personal artistic nude photography services to a very select clientèle.
I mean, to people who prefer fresh ideas and an artistic-eye approach over worn stereotype set-ups of the average run-of the-mill studios, and clichéd routine – a sure killer of any artistic aspirations.

Most of my clientèle are women, so this text is chiefly addressed to ladies, but naturally I do also take photographs of men, or couples.

When I offer you my services, my goal first and foremost is of course to ensure that you take away pictures that you’re completely thrilled with; but also, to make the whole experience from start to finish one of comfortable confidence and refined elegance. My service and photography are personal – your session is totally unique, fully designed around you. It can be a conceptual work, fine art, or simple sexy and classy portraits – whatever you wish to get. Nude art photography services are just part of my offer. But you can be assured this will be all well made.

Whatever your desired style is:  study portraits, glamour, pin-up, romantic couple, boudoir, nude art, or other.
For whatever purpose you want them: as your personal treasure to keep for years, a portfolio for modelling work, a canvas print to hang on your wall, an exquisite, romantic gift – you name it.
Your pictures will: – Accentuate your natural beauty, – Bring out the Inner You, – Give the perfect gift to your partner, husband (or wife), your bride-groom on your wedding night, – Spark or re-ignite your romance, – Rediscover your beauty as a woman – especially if you’re a mum, – Be your personal fine art piece to enjoy and cherish, And your experience will give you a welcome confidence boost.
Quality boudoir, glamour photos can have a real life changing effect with new-found confidence.

Your experience goes beyond your time in front of my camera.    It starts from your initial contact, followed with an optional FREE internet or phone consultation to plan your session. You can do your own make-up, or we can use the assistance of a professional MUA (for an extra fee). You can be as tame or bold as you like.

Whether you go nude or not, your photograph and the full session will be done professionally and in absolute good taste, styled to suit you from soft and sensuous to hot and steamy. Your self-confidence will grow after previewing your images in camera and you will love being a model – you’ll surprise yourself how easy and enjoyable it is.   You’ll be expertly lit, and a wide range of images will be taken creating and capturing different moods.   Photos will be taken from varying camera viewing points and distances for a comprehensive collection. Posing guidance will ensure you’ll look amazing!

This service is available locally in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean,  or as a location shooting trip. I can come to you, or join the group of fine clients coming to Dominica, to be photographed by me in pristine Caribbean nature!
Please consider my services, but call me only if you want to really love your photos!

Every photo session is unique, tailored to you. But they all share a couple of things in common:   You’ll have a lot of fun. And you’ll have some great photos. (And of course they are only yours – I won’t show them anywhere unless you agree).

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