Below is what I offer in a form of workshop.
Let me know if I can prepare a workshop specifically for your group.

Art of Studio Portrait
Tips and Techniques from Lighting to Posing. All you need to know to start shooting creative studio portraits.
Level: Basic, intermediate.

Fine Art Nude Photography
Tips and Techniques from Lighting to Posing. Shapes, composing, black and white, theory of light, and other aspects are discussed.
Level: Basic, intermediate.

Photographing nature in tropical sun
Hands-on location shoots with guidance and tips.
Techniques such as Panoramas, Long Exposure, HDR are explored. This workshop includes shooting on several Dominica scenic locations, one-to-one work evaluation and discussion. Crafted for guests visiting Caribbean islands. This workshop is recommended as 6 days long.
Level: Basic, intermediate.

Creative Edit
Basics of creative edit using Photoshop and Lightroom
working with layers and plugins. Basic knowledge of editing and shooting in RAW required.
Level: Basic, intermediate.

 I also offer INDIVIDUAL classes for beginner/intermediate photographers.  Taking full advantage of your digital camera, composing, understanding light and depth of field, and other aspects of creative photography. Lessons are from 1/2 hour to several sessions – depending on your needs. If you want to improve your photography skills – this may be for you. Also a fine gift idea! Priced from just $48 for 1/2 hr, they can be a few days long series.

These can be booked as a series of sessions when you come for a holiday to Dominica, or as on-line sessions using Skype or other messenger type app. Your in-person 1:1 sessions are fully customizable, can include hired model, makeup artist, a location shoot, and so on. Email to discuss what you wish to learn.

On-line sessions are for general guidance, consultation and tips on creative photography, lighting, portraiture, improving understanding of your camera, and so on.

To book on-line session, please email me to schedule it, and use PayPal payment below. Minimum on-line session 1/2 hr.  Thank you!


About weekend studio workshops: 

Experience the creative work with professional  models in a  photography studio environment, and using studio equipment. Guidance by a seasoned art photographer will help you achieve good results and gain art photography skills.
A full weekend packed with fascinating work.
Create your own fine photos and display them with pride.
Learn basics of studio lighting and studio work.
Have your best photographs reviewed.
Participate in photographing and creating different setups.

Receive personalized guidance and tips.
Experience YOUR OWN 1/2 hr shoot – 1 to 1 with a fine art model.
(Yes, at the end of workshop you will have opportunity for your own shoot – we will assist you as much or  little as needed.)
Have your best workshop photographs reviewed, and get value added extras.


No scheduled workshops at the moment. Enquire about workshop of your choice.

We require 50% deposit to reserve your space, and the balance 2 weeks prior the workshop. Very limited space – book yourself soon.
PayPal accepted. Pay the whole sum at once and get $10 off.
You will receive detailed schedule after booking your space.


Pay by PayPal Now

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Questions? Problems? Email me at:  office   @  (remove spaces)


SMALL PRINT (but important): Workshops: Minimum attendance is 6 persons. If less than 6 persons book, workshop will be rescheduled/cancelled and refunds issued. If more than 12 persons will want to book, we may add another weekend workshop to keep our working groups small. Deposits otherwise are non-refundable.
Basic knowledge of lighting would be most helpful. If you have none, please read one of many on-line posts to familiarize yourself with common terms, and to have general understanding prior to the workshop. Knowledge of your camera – creative photography requires more than a camera set to “auto” mode. Knowledge of camera menu, ability to change ISO, shooting mode, shutter, aperture, is required. We will be shooting in manual mode, please make sure you know how to set your camera.

We require your understanding that working with an art model is a creative artistic process based on mutual respect, for the sole benefit of creating an inspiring work of art.

We will be working in  studio considered a safe working place. However, you are solely responsible for your well being, and by enrolling you confirm that you will not hold organizers or studio owners under any circumstances responsible for any accidents, damages, or other problems occurring when you stay at the studio and its area during our workshop. You also accept that we may remove from the studio any improperly acting persons without any refund. We don’t expect anything like that to happen, but we need to keep our models safe, and our lawyer happy. Thank you for understanding.

On-line consultation sessions can be re-scheduled (not-later than 12 hrs before). Otherwise they are non-refundable. Basic knowledge of camera , ability to change ISO, shooting mode, shutter, aperture, is required.

1:1 lessons in Dominica are fully customizable, require a 50% deposit, and are calculated based on your individual requirements. Please email to discuss your tutorial sessions. They can be rescheduled or cancelled (minimum 1 week in advance). Otherwise they are non-refundable.


Pan and Psyche.
Inspired by old paintings of mythological characters.
Example of my studio work.


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