Over many years I took lots of quality photographs in Dominica which now are available as stock images for licensing. You can purchase photographs for personal use, monitor wallpaper, large display/decor prints, for use on internet (websites, blogs), and commerially, for advertising, editorial – print in media, and so on. My direct pricing is significantly lower than through a stock agency, as stock agencies add their markup. So, browse my images, get quality photos and save.

I also do have Caribbean video footage stock. And again – it is cheaper than through footage stock agencies. I am working on video list, but for now you would need to ask me about footage you may need, as it is not available for online browsing yet. Thank you!

Below stock image gallery includes SIMPLIFIED shopping cart for Personal, Educational, Non-profit and Editorial use.  This allows for quick personal ordering of an image or two.
If you need images for Commercial, Corporate, Advertising, Printing, or any other uses (including personal, but not listed above) – please select OTHER USE  (total $0 USD in shopping cart) and describe your requirements in email. In case of print/publication – describe if magazine, brochure, print volume, approx. size, etc.  If for on-line advertising – required size, if for homepage or side pages, and for how long.
I will send you detailed pricing table and help calculate proper total.

Shopping cart will show your selections as PRINTS, but everything here is for digital files, with no shipping charges.

VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON ALL ORDERS. If you require more than 3 images – select all of them as OTHER USE, and email me with planned usage info. I will give you most favourable discount. Scroll down for more important  info under photo section.

Seascape, Landscape, Sunset, hiking trails - all other nature things in Dominica.

  • Images supplied in most cases within 24 hours of payment.
  • PayPal and bank transfers accepted.
  • XL prints for wall murals, booths, billboards – over 2 yards longer side (up to 8 yards/meters) marked as such (XL) on photo caption.
  • After ordering you will receive auto confirmation email. You can reply with usage details of your order (if not for simple personal choices displayed) for proper calculation and delivery.
  • My photos are copyrighted and registered with Image Rights International Inc. to protect your purchase and my stock.
  • Thank you! Special orders, questions, requests welcome. I am only happy when I know my clients are happy with my service.
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